Did you know, one of Michigan's most unique beverages got its unique taste from the Civil War?

Almost every kid who grew up in the Mitten State probably got their first taste of Vernors Ginger Ale because they had an upset stomach. There's good reason for that. It was invented to aid digestion and ease stomach troubles by Michigan's first licensed pharmacist James Vernor.

It gets its unique taste by being aged in oak barrels, which occurred because after coming up with the recipe, Vernor had to store his beverage until after his stint in the Union Army during the Civil War. Other ginger ales don't have that dark color or the unique oak taste.

The unique concoction quickly caught on in Michigan and became a symbol of the state. To this day, it is the treat kids look forward to when sick. I'm pretty sure it can cure anything.

The YouTube page Recollection Road did a brief history of the soft drink, and I learned some more cool facts about Vernors:

* The company experimented with different flavors of ginger ale, but none of them worked.

* In addition to being considered for easing stomach troubles, it was also regarded as a cure for hangovers, and often served hot with lemon to cure sore throats.

* It's also used as an ingredient in savory dishes, including Aretha Franklin's glazed ham recipe.

* While the film does mention the famed 'Boston Cooler' treat of vanilla ice cream and Vernors, it fails to mention why it's called a 'Boston Cooler'. (It was called that because of Boston Boulevard in Detroit.)

* The famous gnome on the Vernors label was originally named "Jerome". It was later changed to "Woody" to help market the unique wood aging.

* The soda company is currently owned by Snapple.

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