I don't know about you but I miss shopping, a lot. Sure, I've been doing some online shopping but there's something exciting about going to the mall and walking out with bags in hand. If you're also missing the adventures of the mall (virus-free), there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Lakes Mall, in Muskegon, announced on Facebook they will be reopening on the 15th; the same day the stay-at-home order is expected to be lifted.

However, according to an article by MLive, in the meantime the mall will be open as "retail-to-go" beginning Friday, May 1st. This will function as curbside service so customers can purchase items ahead of time and get their items brought to their car. Payments will be accepted prior to via telephone or internet.

According to the mall itself (per the Facebook post), shoppers will not be allowed inside of the mall until the 15th. It also seems as if they don't have any intentions on opening the play area just yet.

The Lakes Mall has been closed since March 24th and says they will post their safety guidelines as it gets closer to opening date.

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