Tucker the Cow was a happy cow. Tucker the Cow liked to walk around. Tucker the Cow was in a wind storm, and his gate opened. Tucker the Cow decided to take a walk out into the new world. Tucker the Cow got stuck in a window well. Tucker the Cow was sad. But then Tucker the Cow was found, and could walk home. So he did.

Tucker the Cow escaped from his farm in Grand Traverse County on Monday night, when a strong wind opened his gate. As Tucker the Cow was exploring his newly-expanded world, he got trapped in a window well, and couldn't get out.

The house Tucker the Cow found himself trapped by is under construction, so Tucker the Cow was nice, and didn't cause any damage to the home. Tucker the Cow thought that would be mean. So Tucker the Cow waited patiently for rescue.

Tuesday, Tucker the Cow was found by friendly humans, and they were super nice to him. They opened the window so Tucker the Cow could go inside, then up the stairs from the basement, and out the door of the unfinished home.

Because Tucker the Cow is a smart cow, he knew his way home. Being really hungry and tired from his long night away, Tucker the Cow went straight home, so he could eat some breakfast, and go to bed.

When Tucker the Cow told all his cow friends about his scary voyage into the big world, they didn't believe him. But when they checked their cow Facebook pages, and saw Tucker the Cow's picture there, they all apologized to him, and he's now a legend in the cow world.

Tucker the Cow: the Cow Who Escaped, and lived to come back to tell his tale. His song will be sung by the cow minstrels for generations.

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