There are two types of people in this world, those who think they're badasses and real badasses. This guy is a real badass.

I stumbled upon this story of Francis Wharton over the weekend, and I thought it needed to be shared.

Wharton was a loner, Dottie. A rebel. He lived by himself in the woods of British Columbia in Canada.

There are no dentists out in the woods, and when Wharton's teeth went bad, he dealt with it in the only way he saw fit, he shot a deer, removed the deer's teeth, filed them down, made a set of dentures out of them, and then ate the deer. With the deer's own teeth.

Yup. That's right. A total baller move.

The dentures are now on display in the Canadian Museum of Health.

"He made a nice little set of teeth for a full upper denture," said Kathy Karkut, collections manager at the Museum of Health Care in Kingston. "I think he was just an unusual man. He was quite proud of his ingenuity, and he didn't need to go pay for dentures like everybody else."

According to Karkut, Wharton's teeth were made of filed down deer's teeth, put into a base of plastic wood and held into place with household cement.

Modern dentists warn that this isn't a good idea for anyone to try home dental experiments on themselves, and that only professionals should fix teeth.

Which is great advice, but...ya gotta love old school dudes like Wharton, who also once shot eight bears because he wasn't sure which one ate his goat.

You can read all about Wharton's dental adventures, including pictures of his buck teeth (no pun intended) here, via the CBC.

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