The most Googled brand in Michigan?

It is probably what you think it is.

What are we known for? Cars. Who are the biggest car companies in the world? General Motors, FORD and Chrysler.

If you guessed Ford, you are right on the money!

The financial website Direct Capital made this map of the US with each states' most Googled brand.

direct capital

"Many of the most-Googled brands in each state are headquartered in that state, such as Home Depot in Georgia, Target in Minnesota and McDonald's in Illinois. The map can provide hints about the companies' sway on the culture, job market and consumption habits in each state."

Some make sense, the Ford and the John Deere in Iowa, but others. The most Googled brand in Oregon is...Google. Hmmmm seems fishy. ;)

Creatas Images/ThinkStock