Men's Journal magazine went on a quest to find the most innovative new craft beer from each state of the union.

The one from Michigan is one I'm pretty sure you've heard of, seeing how they're in Comstock Park. 

The magazine went in search of the newest, most exciting craft beer from all over the country, qualifying it this way:

To come up with our list, we selected one new and innovative beer from a brewery in every state in the country: stouts, porters, IPAs, tasty session ales, sour IPAs, and plenty more bottles and cans you’ll want to stock in your beer fridge this year. Welcome to the new United States of Suds.

The winner for Michigan was Saltation from Comstock Park's very own Speciation Artisan Ales. Says Men's Journal:

Brewer Mitch Ermatinger makes small-batch, high-ABV beers, such as Saltation, with wild yeast and souring microbes. It’s aged in tequila barrels with limes, blood oranges, and guava puree.

Okay, I'm in for some of that. But where can I find it?


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