General Mills scoured internet search data to determine every state's most searched dishes for the holiday season.  They collected data from top recipe searches on, and between November 1st and Thanksgiving.

These dishes aren't necessarily served on Thanksgiving, but are searched for around the holidays. Michigan's most searched for dish around the holidays is chili. That seemed a bit weird because no one on the show has ever heard of having chili around Thanksgiving.

Listener Russ called in with an interesting take on Michigan's enjoyment of chili around Thanksgiving. He thinks that it might have something to do deer season. Deer season starts the week before Thanksgiving so a lot of people have venison that needs cooking. And as most Michigander's know, venison chili is AMAZING!

Some other interesting dishes are pork chops in Wyoming, sausage balls in Tennessee, and breakfast casserole in Montana.

What is your signature dish for the holidays?

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