Last week's high winds blew an assortment of stuff into my yard, but no one seems to know where this welcome mat came from.

I know it's ugly, but if it was mine, I'd at least claim it, take it home and dispose of it properly, but no one's willing to do even that.

This adventure began last Friday when 55 mph wind gusts blew anything not nailed down around my Creston neighborhood just east of Plainfield.

Whopper wrappers from the nearby Burger King, garbage bins, and various paper drink containers wound up in my yard. No big deal, wind happens.

Saturday morning, while walking over to Kingma's Grocery Store, I noticed a welcome mat laying on the sidewalk.

The mat, an odd pink color, featured what appears to have art work on it featuring what I can discern as some sort of bulldog riding in an old school pick up truck, with the words 'Welcome To Our Home'. The truck also features a spare tire and is full of either garbage bags or some sort of pumpkins, it's worn out there so I'm not sure.

Kind of cute, if you like dogs in old school pick up trucks.

Here's a closer look:

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM

I picked it up and put it on the porch of the house I figured it came from. I thought it was a good deed.

But two days later, when the winds picked up again, the mat was back. This time it was in my neighbor's yard. The next day, a gust of wind put it in my driveway.

I let it lay there, in full view of the pedestrian traffic that walks their dogs and other assorted animals past my humble home.

I was silently hoping that someone would say "Hey! There's that hot looking weirdly pink doggy welcome mat I've been missing! I missed it SO much! What would our family do without it??! I will take it back and relieve Jojo from having to look at it anymore!"

That never happened.

I went to inquire at a few houses to see if anyone knew who it belonged to. Either they lied to my face, or no one knows. Or they laughed after I left thinking, 'It's his problem now!'

So, I'm issuing an ultimatum. Either you come and get your mat this weekend, or I throw it into my garbage bin, and we never talk of it again.


See you soon,

Signed, Jojo.

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