The quintessential 80s and 90s school accessory is back just in time for the 2021-22 school year.

That's right, the Trapper Keeper is back and it's the original version, complete with weird retro patterns.  Let's face it, there were two kinds of kids in the 90s, the kids with their notebooks and folders and then those kids with Trapper Keepers.  It was the only thing that a elementary student would get excited about when going back to school shopping with mom.

And now as a parent, you can get excited to pass along your favorite school accessory to you kids!

The Trapper Keepers will be exclusive to Walmart to start (or you can buy them directly from Mead's website), but I would be surprised if they didn't show up in other stores down the road.  Oh, and you should probably buy them at Walmart right now because they are about $3 cheaper than if you buy them directly from Mead.

The Trapper Keeper comes in 5 different designs and includes 2 folders, an inside storage pocket, a spring clip, and of course, the iconic Velcro flap to keep your stuff safe.

But, whatever you do, don't let your Trapper Keeper "integrate" with anything else you own, because you might just end up like Cartman in this South Park episode.

So, bust out your Dunkaroos, open a can of Crystal Pepsi, and crack open your Trapper Keeper and start your homework.

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