The Palace of Auburn Hills is slated to be torn down later this year, in the meantime, the old home of the Detroit Pistons basketball team is auctioning off all it stuff.

How cool would your backyard basketball court be with a plexi-glass backboard and a shot clock?

Pretty darn cool.

That's just one of the items being auctioned off by The Palace. If you're interested, the main site for the auction is

The Detroit Pistons made The Palace their home from 1989-2018. The team won three NBA championships while in the building.

Among the memorabilia up for grabs:

The Pistons logo from the locker room carpeting. Not sure it smells all that great being locker room carpeting and all, but it's looks great!

A wall mural of the 2004 championship team. Who doesn't want an eight foot high Rip Hamilton likeness in their living room!

Or if prefer a little more weirdness in your wall mural, here's one of Dennis Rodman.

And for the those of you looking for something unusual, here's a wall sign of NBA media rules!

In addition to Pistons memorabilia, there's also restaurant equipment, building fixtures, furniture and seats for sale. So if you want the exact seat you sat in for the 1986 John Mellencamp show, you can probably find it on the site somewhere.

Good Luck!


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