President Donald Trump is putting together an executive order against social media companies after Twitter applied a fact check to a pair of his tweets.

In my years of using social media, I never thought it would be a tool used by politicians and yet over the last three years it has been used for all sorts of political reasons.

I'm not sure Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook or Jack Dorsey at Twitter designed or thought their platforms would be used by politicians or even propaganda.

We learned from the 2016 election that in fact Russia used Facebook to push propaganda as well as a variety of non-traditional media outlets.

When I'm on Facebook or Twitter, its usually about checking in with some friends or finding something to laugh about. Apparently others have different plans when using the platforms.

President Trump has actually led the American politicians and other world leaders to use Twitter in particular to push out messages to the public.

According to WOOD, the President is threatening the social media companies with new regulation but will need the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission to study whether or not he can do this and may need Congress to get the job done in the end.

This all started when Twitter applied fact checks to a pair of his tweets about mail in voting and Trump believes this is interfering with his political messaging.

Trump tweeted Thursday morning, "This will be a Big Day for Social Media and FAIRNESS!"

Trump plans to sign an executive order on Thursday to change the rules for social media companies.

I personally would rather see politicians create a separate social platform just for politics and allow people who want to sign for all that info to do so there. Let us regular folks go back to just hanging out with friends on social media and make each other laugh.

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