One thing I have noticed about all the nasty muck raking political ads on this election year is there haven't been many negative ones about the race for governor.

At least not until now.

Sure, all the political action committees' ads have been terrible, but, for the most part, the ads between Mark Schuaer and Rick Synder haven't been too terrible.

Yet analysts — backed by recent polling that show the race a statistical dead heat — say that while there is still plenty of time for the race to shift, Snyder's bid for a second four-year term could shape up as one of the closest gubernatorial elections in Michigan history.

The reasons are as many and as varied as the high-profile and controversial issues — tax reform, right-to-work, local government emergency managers, Medicaid expansion, Detroit restructuring — that Snyder and the Republican-controlled Legislature have acted on since the governor took office in 2011."


Now there will be more Gary Peters and Terri Lynn Land commercials on! Is it November yet?

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