After being planted by seed 18 years ago, the Corpse Flower (or Amorphophallus titanum) has bloomed at Frederik Meijer GardenWOODTV8 set up a live stream of the garden and it has appeared to have bloomed sometime last night.

The flower will wilt as soon as 12 hours from the initial bloom, but some have been known to not wilt for up to 48 hours.  These flowers usually take about 7-10 years to bloom for the first time and then it's another 7-10 years for each additional bloom after that.

Only a few Corpse Flowers reside in Michigan, so you don't get very many chances to view and smell this rare plant.  The reason it is called a Corpse Flower is that it emits a foul smell once in bloom.

According to Meijer Garden employee's today is the best day to go view the Corpse Flower.

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