Despite his tough exterior, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showed fans on Christmas Eve that deep down inside, he's just another softie when it comes to the holidays.

In an Instagram post, Johnson shared a video of his newborn daughter, Jasmine, who was born last week.  In his video selfie, Johnson sings, "Jack Frost nipping at your nose..." before panning the camera to a sleeping Jasmine in a Christmas onesie.

"If Santa tries to scam me tonight, I'm going to kick his ass, Daddy!" Johnson jokes before wishing his fans a Merry Christmas. He also captioned the video #BeCarefulSantaShesTough.

Jasmine was born on Dec. 16 to Johnson and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian. In an Instagram post announcing her birth, Johnson wrote, "Within minutes of being born she was laying on daddy's chest. And being a grateful man takes on a whole new meaning... Thank you guys so much for the awesome congratulatory wishes and love you've been sending [Lauren] and myself. We're extremely grateful."

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