Do you have some free time you can spare to ring the bell to help those less fortunate? The Salvation Army WANTS YOU!

The familiar sight of a jovial man or woman ringing a bell next to the red pot is a Christmas tradition in almost every American city. But what would happen if there weren't enough people to ring that bell?

The Grand Rapids branch of the Salvation Army may soon find out, as they have been left a little short of bell ringers this Holiday season.

Auxiliary Captain Mika Roinila directs the Red Kettle Campaign efforts for 31 kettle locations north of 28th Street in Grand Rapids, and she recently told The Rapidian web site that her numbers are way down for volunteers this year.

"I want to thank the many people, service clubs, student groups and all who have helped us thus far, but we really need more help than what we’ve received. People help on the weekends, but there are just too many weekdays when we have no volunteer help at all"

Can you spare a two hour shift on a weeknight? The Grand Rapids Salvation Army would love to have you on board. Sign up here.




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