The Phoenix Suns jumped out to a 1-0 lead over the Milwaukee Bucks in the best of 7 NBA Finals Tuesday night, and prior to the game, he opened up about his formative years in Grand Rapids.

The Suns have never won an NBA title, but this season led by Booker, one of the brighter young stars in the league, the team is just three wins away from doing just that.

Booker scored 27 points in the first game, played on the Suns home floor, second only to Chris Paul's 32 points.

In a pre-game press conference, Booker field a Zoom question from Jamal Spencer, sports director at WZZM-13, who asked him about how West Michigan shaped his basketball career.

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Booker's ears perked up when he heard the question was from Grand Rapids.

Booker responded that West Michigan was where it all started for him, and where he fell in love with the game.

He added that he was heavily influenced by the Detroit Pistons 2004 championship team as a kid, and then went on to say that former Christian High School star, and U of M and Western Michigan University football player Drake Harris was a huge mentor to him.

"I looked up to him and wanted to be him," Booker said.

He also still visits his former hometown and had just told a teammate that he wanted to be on Lake Michigan for the Fourth of July. He then joked that Milwaukee was "on the other side if it (Lake Michigan), so I guess we'll be there soon."

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