Sure 99 percent of us enjoy the captivating beauty of the Meijer Gardens, but what about that one dude who hated it?

Sometimes there is beauty in a bad review. Even if we're referred to as 'back woods crazies' who live in a 'city' devoid of 'art'. allows people to rate landmarks in cities across the USA, and to be honest most people love sharing their joy about the places they visit in Grand Rapids.

But no matter how outstanding a place can be, rest assured there's someone who had a bad day and needs to tell you about it. Here are some comments from the lower end of the TripAdvisor spectrum.

Names have been removed to protect the irritable. Spelling errors are theirs, not mine.

1. Frederik Meijer Gardens:

Boyfriend and I thought we'd check out this huge garden and were sorely disappointed. Gardens were nothing to go on about and the sculptures looked like they were made of items you'd find in the dump, then pieced together. Maybe we aren't cultured enough to enjoy this place. If you're not into 'art', I'd avoid this place. 😖✌🏼️

Ouch! I wonder what kind of dump you'd find Nina Akamu's 'American Horse' in?

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM

2. ArtPrize:

I've been to Art Prize a few times and always not because I planned to go. You would think it would bring out the educated, however I can't tell you how many times I see the back woods crazies crawl out from under their rocks to visit the "city". This is a free event. As a free event, every one wants a piece of the fun...the State of Michigan has been in a decline for decades.

Alrighty then. I think I'll slink back under my rock and stop thinking this is a city.

3. Gerald R. Ford Museum

a museum devoted to the dumbest president prior to W, why would anyone waste a moment of her life in this dump?

A little more clarification may be needed here. I kind of think it's hard for someone 'dumb' to get into the Yale Law School like Ford did, but then again, I'm a 'back wood crazy'.

4. Van Andel Arena

the worst arena seating I have ever been at. the leg room is poor.the seats are poor. for the prices they ask they could at least give you a comfortable place to view.

Worst arena seating ever? Clearly someone's never been to the late, great Silverdome or they would never complain again.

5. The Calder Statue 'La Grand Vitesse'

Don't bother going to specifacally see it as it has been an eyesore since the day it was installed.. If anyone else put up scrap like that they would be charged with littering..

Someone didn't get a ride on the nearby swing, did they?


6. Heritage Hill

This area isn't really much to look at. There are still some beautiful houses, but it is largely full of moderately-maintained rental houses for college students. If you're in the area and want to drive by, it might be worth a few minutes, but otherwise don't bother.

Is it possible they took a wrong turn on Lafayette?

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