Well, lets be honest, any time of the year is a good time to go to the park. From the heart of downtown, to a park that's truly for the dogs. Here are the 5 best parks in Grand Rapids.


John A Collins Park

I've always said when it comes to living in East Grand Rapids, you get what you pay for.

This park is perfect, always. The Recreation department does a fantastic job of keeping everything we-presented. The flowers and lawn are beautiful. The walkways are smooth. The duck population even seems to know where to potty.

This park is great for a quick take-out picnic from one of the local businesses, or just to grab some books at the library and sit.

I am so glad to have such a stunning neighborhood park.

Millennium Park

A piece of paradise right outside our city, Millennium Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. You don't have to be a hiker to enjoy this vast park, the trails throughout are well paved and maintained. From sun bathing to boating, walking, biking, exploring and fishing, this reclaimed industrial business park will be exactly the close to home vacation spot we all need.

Rosa Park Circle

Please allow me to review this one. When I first arrived in Grand Rapids, I was staying in a hotel in downtown, my work (the station) was right across the street.

One of the first things I noticed when I settled in a bit was this little park that was in front of the GRAM. The more time I've spent in downtown the more I enjoy hanging out in Rosa Parks Circle. From Relax at Rosa during the summer months, to ice skating and the Christmas Tree during the winter. When I need to refresh in the hustle and bustle of downtown. I usually take a leisurely stroll through Rosa Parks Circle to refresh and rejuvenate my mind.

Hillcrest Dog Park

This place is the cat's pajamas. It's totally free. Tons of room for your dog(s) to run around and get into all sorts of shenanigans.


Also, it has more tennis balls than that creepy old pro you hired to fix your daughter's service game so that hundred dollars you paid for the full-page yearbook picture of her in her tennis gear wouldn't go to waste.


Poop bags are supplied by the park so you'll have to find another use for your massive collection of Meijer bags. Also, also, there're normally a few hot girls there so that's nice.


Overall 10/10. Your dog will love it and everyone is always kind and friendly.

Lookout Park


Small little park, great views!

Overlooking the northernmost part of downtown Grand Rapids, Lookout Park provides some beautiful scenic views of the city, especially at sunset being that it's a westward facing park.

There are a limited number of picnic tables set up along the hilltop edge providing the perfect place for an afternoon lunch in the summer months.

Street parking is available along Fairview.

That's the top 5 parks in town. In my opinion anyway, Yelps, is a bit different, but all of the above parks are at least in the top 10. How would you change up the order? Is there a park I left off the list?

Leave a comment below!

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