PJ Fleck lead Western Michigan University to the Cotton Bowl. He surprised many folks by announcing he's leaving Kalamazoo and going to coach the Minnesota Gophers.

Here's a round up of the top takes on the situation.

Here was his initial official reveal...

Regarding Fleck's statement "You didn't pick me ... I picked you..."

Of course there is a lot of fallout....

But I feel really bad for this guy... so excited just a few days ago to make this announcement.

Then once the news broke....

I get it though. If your dream job is coaching for the Big 10 and you get the chance you jump at it.

Maybe one day he'll come back to Michigan and coach at State or U of M ... for now though, it'll be interesting to see if he is able to make the Gophers a team to be feared.

Side note ... every time I type the word 'gopher' this scene plays out in my head.

No offense intended to Coach Fleck.

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