Sure, there's a lot of haters after yesterday's fruitless tie against Arizona, but only true Lions fans saw the beauty in it. 

This is for the long term Lions fans, the ones that remember mediocre players like Karl Sweetan and Altie Taylor.

The ones that know that the team once hired a coach (Wayne Fonts) whose only head coaching experience was at Bay City Visitation High School.

Sure, it can be tough at times, but we all understand what being a fan of this team means: trying to figure out what fresh hell they will unlock to blow a possible win.

And Sunday, it was a treasure they dug up.

Usually, it is one of the Lions' individual units that blows up and hands victory over to the other side.

Sunday, it was a coach suing a crutch.

With quarterback Matthew Stafford just a few yards away from sealing the win with a pass to halfback J.D. McKissic, true Lions fans heard the faint blowing of a whistle.

The play was too good to be true. The Lions could never run the clock out on the road in a tight contest.

Someone on the sideline had called a time out. More specifically, if you're too believe head coach Matt Patricia, he had somehow communicated to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell to call time out a split second before the ball was snapped to Stafford, nullifying the play.

AHHHH! exclaimed die hard Lions idiots across our great state! So that's how we're going to blow it this week. The coaches are going to not trust one of the most experienced quarterbacks in the league to get the snap off in time!

That's a new one! We never saw that one before!


It's almost wonderful how many different creative ways this team finds to snatch victory away from themselves at the last minute! How beautiful is that? It's almost as if we define disappointment the way Picasso defined cubism!

It's become an art form. Maybe it was part of ArtPrize's Project 1. An installment on how to ruin a game like you've never ruined one before!

It's part of what comes with the territory.



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