In which a New York Times writer spends 36 hours in our Upper Peninsula and finds out what we already knew -- it's breathtakingly beautiful, you're not bothered by things like other people, and it's dirt cheap.

Steve Reddicliffe, a travel writer for the New York Times, enjoyed himself a Yooper weekend of fantastic proportions.

In his article '36 Hours In The Upper Peninsula', Reddicliffe reveled in inexpensive food gems like pasties, marveled at the sheer beauty of a kayak trip along the Pictured Rocks and then rode his bike around beautiful Marquette. He loved every minute of it.

Fall colors at Tahquamenon Falls

Check out this description of the Pictured Rocks trip he shared with his readers:

...slip through arches and feel the spray of Bridalveil Falls ($75). The rich palette — red, orange, blue — is the work of minerals like copper and iron seeping into the rocks. The colors change throughout the day, and even a cloudy afternoon, when fog floats along the cliff tops, can cast a spell.

But he's truthful about the drawbacks, although lovingly:

There can be ice on Lake Superior in June. Summers are short. All of which may explain why there are only about 311,000 Yoopers, as residents are known, many of whom are given to wry humor — Rodney Dangerfield in a deer blind.

I have been traveling north of the bridge every other summer for years, and I think the UP is one of the best places to enjoy summer, but I'm not well traveled so I have nothing to compare it to. Reddicliffe is. So I'm happy that he saw what I've been seeing for years.

It's just a shame he never made it to my favorite Yooper place, Copper Harbor.

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