The Vamps were on a promo frenzy leading up to the Aug. 4 release of their 'Somebody to You' EP in Canada, Mexico and the US. To get fans hyped, the British boy band took a page from another famous group of Brits, the Beatles, and covered their classic hit 'Twist and Shout.'

The cover starts off with a glimpse of the original band on their appearance of the Royal Variety Show in London way back in 1963. The black-and-white John, Paul, George and Ringo fade into colorful Brad, Connor, James and Tristan. The Vamps continue the comparison in their pressed button-ups and red plaid ties, an homage to the dressy outfits the Beatles wore during their live 'Twist and Shout' performance.

It's an appropriate cover choice, considering the young boy banders are trying to crack the American market with their catchy pop songs and British accents. (Who doesn't love a good accent?) Can they follow in the footsteps of the Beatles and become English icons stateside? Only time will tell!

Watch 'Twist and Shout' above and check out the 'Somebody to You' EP, available now.

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