Ever golfed at night? I have golfed close to night time a couple of times. Once finishing up 18 holes at about 9:45 at night. The other was when a buddy lived right by an exclusive course in Portage (I won't tell you the course, but it rhymes with "The Bores") and we would jump on and play the 14th and 15th holes for free! Good times, good times. Now we are ready to golf at night for real!

Friday night, I will be out at the North Kent Golf Club in Rockford for our first ever "Glow Golf" event! We tee off at 10pm, and for 30 bucks, you get nine holes with cart, a glow in the dark ball, a fantastic BBQ at the halfway point, brought to you by Coors Light, and the chance to win some cool prizes!

Here's all the details and to get signed up! See ya Friday! And it's supposed to be 95 during the day, so golfing at night is the only way you really can have fun and not pass out due to heat stroke!