A couple of critical calls down the stretch cost the Detroit Lions the game, as they dropped a heartbreaking one point loss to the Green Bay Packers. But this time, the nation mourns with us.

Okay, let's check ourselves, the whole country, with the exception of Wisconsin and anywhere there are Packer fans.

To be honest, most will admit the Lions did themselves no favors for settling for field goals on five trips into the red zone follwoing their only touchdown in the first quarter, but a couple of bad calls, most notably a 'hands to the face' call on Trey Flowers late in the fourth quarter added to the Lions demise.

But this time, instead of the usual hysterical Lions fans being cheesed off (pun intended), it seemed like most people, even the announcers, former coaches and NFL players and leading sports publications all agreed with the fact the Lions got jobbed.

Let's start with the play the caused the controversy...

And some of the reaction to it...

Even the Detroit Tigers got in on the action.

And we'll conclude with the best meme of the night on the topic, this one by Michigan Problems of a ref doing the 'Lambeau Leap'.



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