And you probably will too, when you find out why.

The Broncos Women's Hoop Team Made The Holidays Special For One Of Its Players

The Western Women's Basketball team has held their own after a challenging opening month of its season. They have played against top notch competition like in-state Big Ten foes, Michigan and Michigan State, both highly regarded teams, so they have some much needed time off over the Holidays. And many of the players will spend that time at home with their families.

But that wasn't going to be the case for one of its players.

Freshman Artemis Kouki hails from Athens, Greece, and was recruited to shore up the front court for the 2022-23 Broncos team, adding height to the guard position at 6-feet.

But after a challenging first semester, it appeared Kouki would have to stay on campus over the Holidays, as she lacked the funding to get home.

That's where here teammates come in, and made her cry.

Western Michigan v Indiana
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The Team Pooled Their Funds And Came Up With Money To Send Kouki Home

Led by team member Maggie Stutelberg, who came up with the idea for her teammates to chip in, the team was able to purchase round trip air fare for Kouki to fly home for the Holidays.

In a video posted by WMU head coach Shane Clipfell, Kouki is shown crying tears of appreciation for her teammates efforts.

"That is the best Christmas present!" Kouki exclaims, and then the room got misty.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

That's enough to make me root for the Broncos for the remainder of their season. Except for when they play Central.

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