But first...let me take the WORLDS' BIGGEST SELFIE! A 348 gigapixel image (that's 70,000 times bigger than a typical cell phone camera) was taken at last week's Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race in Atlanta. Wow!

Personally I hate most selfies...most. A few are tolerable. But this one is just downright cool. I'm always obsessed with big things. The 7X7 burger at Steak n Shake comes to mind. So this is right up my alley.

The guy who helped Coca Cola with this huge undertaking was Tinus le Roux, CEO at Fancam. They have taken big pics like this before, but this was by far the biggest.

The link to the pics is HERE. And here's some video...

My selfie! With my boy!
My selfie! With my boy!

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