Michigan's population has been aging for awhile now (as is the US population as a whole), but one county has been attracting younger people faster than any other, and I think you may be surprised where it is.

24/7 Wall Street used US Census information from a 2017 Community Survey to find every state's youngest county by median age.

As you might expect many of these counties, including the one in Michigan, are home to large universities that help keep a constant stream of younger residents.

Though school is not the only reason young people relocate. People in their 20s and 30s move for work, friends, family, and a desire to live somewhere they love...New families can also drive population growth, and the vast majority of counties on this list are larger now than they were five years ago.

And the youngest county in Michigan is Isabella County.

The county seat of Isabella is Mount Pleasant, which is home to Central Michigan University, one of the fastest growing state universities over the past 20 years,and that has spawned some additional industries, particularly in the research and service fields.

The median age in Isabella is 27.4 years, compared to the state average of 39.6.

17.4% of Isabella County's over 70,000 residents are under 18.

Most of the employment in the area centers around CMU, but its central location also has led to a rise in manufacturing jobs, and natural resources in the area also provide employment in the mining and oil and gas industries.





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