It seems like every month during the pandemic we get a new announcement that their is a shortage of something and this month is no different. Everyone's favorite (or least favorite) July 4th pastime might be hard to participate in this year.

We are talking about fireworks and according to an article from a news station in Minneapolis, "Fourth of July fireworks distributors say you should start shopping for now."

That's right, this year it might be harder to celebrate the 4th of July with loud and bright explosions this year because firework stands might have limited supply.  Some retailers are noticing up to a 30% drop in total stock available for sale this summer.

The shortages aren't region specific either, so not just Minneapolis is experiencing it.  There are reports from all over the country warning consumers to get your fireworks now because if you wait, it might be too late.  And the longer you wait, the higher the prices are likely to go.

Some people might be happy about this development, though.  There are a relatively large amount of people who hate fireworks.  People with dogs who get scared don't like fireworks, and even some combat veterans aren't fans of the explosions.

The advice that most fireworks retailers are giving is to buy early and you will be able to get the fireworks that you want at a reasonable price.

Are you planning on launching off fireworks for the 4th of July?  If you are, be sure to follow all of the Michigan Fireworks Laws!  Happy way early 4th of July!

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