It’s tax time, which means you’re hoping to get a lot back.  It’s also a time when we start wondering where else we may find some cash.

Well, with that said, the state of Michigan has MILLIONS yes that’s with an “S” of unclaimed property, which means money,  waiting for the rightful owners to claim it.

Sometimes it’s forgotten bank accounts or safety deposit boxes, sometimes is uncashed checks or tax returns, either way, YOU COULD HAVE MONEY just waiting for you to claim it.  Honestly, after I checked and didn’t have any I almost didn’t tell you about it except another co-worker entered her info, and had $47.12 waiting on her.

So what exactly qualifies as “Unclaimed Property”?  The Michigan Department of Treasury says,

Unclaimed property is property in your custody that belongs to someone else and has gone unclaimed beyond the dormancy period. Examples of unclaimed property include uncashed payroll checks, inactive stocks, dividends, checking and savings accounts as well as many other property types. A list of property types and corresponding dormancy periods can be found in Appendix A of the Manual for Reporting Unclaimed Property.

So, go check, see if you have any cash waiting... then let me know, we'll go grab a drink (your treat!).

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