I know we live in Beer City, USA but a beer for dogs? Really?

Dogs are loved by their owners and some owners are more extreme than others when it comes to their dogs, but the same goes for companies who make products for dogs.

Back in the day, I would see a few people pour a beer in a bowl for their dog and was not sure that is was right but in each case, the dog sure didn't seem to mind while lapping up the brew.

Well now you can actually enjoy a cold one with your dog and it's perfectly legal (and safe).

No you can't just go in your fridge and grab a beer that was made for a human to consume. but a company has come along with a new product that you can give your dog.

According to MLive, Busch Beer has now launched a its very own Busch Dog Brew. The beer is brewed to be canine-friendly while raising money for pups in need of a home at the same time.

After a long day there's nothing quite like having a Busch with a friend, and with so many new pet owners across America this year, we wanted to create a brew to give our fans a chance to share a Busch Brew with the best friend. Additionally, we're proud to be able to partner with Best Friends Animal Society and continue our efforts to help those furry friends still looking for a home.

The Busch Dog Brew is first and foremost, alcohol free. The brew consists of a bone broth flavor and some nutrients the dog can use. Some of the ingredients are bone-in pork butt, whole corn, celery, basil, mint, turmeric and ginger.

I wonder if Busch held taste tests for dogs to narrow down which flavor dogs preferred most? This new dog brew could make for some awesome Superbowl commercials this year.

These new dog brews are good before and after a nice walk in the park.

The Busch Dog Brew is only available online while supplies last. You can score a four-pack for your pooch for $9.99. Get your brew here and check out the line of dog brew swag available here.

Now that there is a dog brew, I guess it won't be long before we here about cat cocktails.

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