"Sorry officer, I left my oven on." is not a good excuse to use when you get pulled over for speeding.  At least, that's what CarInsurance.com says in a recent survey that determined the best excuses to get out of a ticket.

The survey found out that about a quarter of people surveyed said they have gotten out of a speeding ticket after being pulled over.  But, what was interesting is the breakdown of which excuses worked the best.

Top 5 Excuses To Get You Out Of A Speeding Ticket

  1. They claimed they didn’t realize they were speeding. (worked 32% of the time)
  2. They said they were late for work. (worked 20% of the time)
  3. They told police there was a medical emergency. (worked 20% of the time)
  4. They offered that they had to use the bathroom. (worked 17% of the time)
  5. They said they didn’t see the speed limit sign. (worked 17% of the time)

CarInsurance.com lists a few more excuses that have a small chance of working and they found that maybe the best way not to get issued a ticket isn't coming up with an excuse at all.

The survey found that asking for a warning is actually the best way to get out of a ticket.  A whopping 41% of people who asked for a warning said they got out of their ticket.  So, next time you get pulled over, ask for that warning.

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