You think it takes forever when you move from one house to another?  What about when you move a 100+-year-old school house a few feet?  It takes over 6 hours!

Ada Village posted a video on their Facebook page about the move of the 159-year-old  Ada Little Red Schoolhouse which was recently moved to its new location on River Street in Ada.

Last year, MLive reported that Cheri Devos, the daughter of Richard Devos, Sr, the founder of Amway, bought the schoolhouse and had plans to move it to a new location and fix up the schoolhouse and bring it back to its original glory as an ice cream and candy store.

According to the MLive story posted last year,

The Little Red Schoolhouse was the original Carl School, located on the northwest corner of two roads, now known as Carl and Grand River drives

According to the Ada Village Facebook page, they moved the schoolhouse a few feet every hour and it took 6 hours to complete.  So next time you move, just remember it could be worse… or not.