Would you pay $75,000 for this fire damaged home? Check out photos in the gallery below.

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Fox 17 recently did a story about the house at 716 Lake Michigan Drive that caught fire in February, and is now listed on Zillow.


No one was hurt in the blaze and the cause of fire is being called "undetermined". The Fox 17 piece aims to highlight that THIS is how crazy the real estate market is in GR: In this "extreme seller's market", demand is so high, that even a burned up house could sell for $75K. According to Fox 17, the average price of a home in Kent County is currently more than $280,000.

The damaged house has been viewed more than 3,000 times and saved more than 50 times...

Now, I think a lot of that could be just looky-loos -- folks who are curious about it, but aren't seriously thinking of purchasing. We all spend hours scrolling through real-estate websites, looking at homes we never intend to buy, right? Or is that just me? This sketch from SNL last month had me saying, "Same.":

Anyway, I'm indeed one of those looky-loos. After seeing the story on the news, I wanted to know more about the house and see more photos.

It's located on Grand Rapids West Side, in a neighborhood that's growing in popularity. It's close to downtown and lots of new development is happening in the area.

The listing is very clear to say "this is a fire damaged property" and warn people to not enter. It goes on to say,

Damages can be repaired and returned to a 2 Unit Multi Family with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath in each unit. Property sold as is for rebuild. Current shell must remain and home restored and repaired. Existing walls must be repaired and kept intact. INVESTORS ONLY. Home must be rebuilt in current footprint. Call to be put in contact with homeowner and details from the city for rebuild.

The lot the house sits on is 2,905 sqft.  Built in 1900, it was last listed in 2018 for $135,000, and back in 2013 sold for $32,000. WOW - so even in its current state, it's going for more than double what it did 8 years ago...

I'd hoped maybe the listing would include photos of the inside, but I can see how it'd be a pain to try to get those. Here are the photos that are available of the property:

Fire Damaged House For Sale for $75K in GR

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