In other words, if you're dressed as this, you'll notice a lot of people dressed like you.

When you go to your work's Zoom Halloween party this year, will you be disappointed if someone else is wearing the same costume as you?  Here's what to avoid . . .

A new study done by Zippia (who else) found the most disproportionately popular Halloween costume in every state.

Basically, they used Google data (because why actually ask people, when you can just Google the answer?) to figure out what costume people were searching for WAY MORE than average in a particular state.

For us here in The Mitten State, it means we'll see a bunch of people roaming around as Spiderman this October 31.

Other results include things like "scary clown" in Mississippi . . . "mermaid" in the aquatic paradise of South Dakota . . . "1980s" in Florida and New York . . .

"Plague doctor" in Idaho and Tennessee . . . "Ninja Turtles" in Arizona, Minnesota, and Indiana . . . "the Addams Family" in New Jersey . . . and "Carole Baskin" in Utah and Connecticut.


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