This breaks my heart!  A few months ago, we had the “Empty The Shelters” event where most shelters participating, adopted all of their dogs.  There was even a story about a dog on the east side of the state that hadn’t been adopted and then WAS adopted. So how did we miss the story of Gracelyn?

It’s quite possible that at over 266 days in a shelter, she’s the longest un-adopted dog in West Michigan, right now.

Gracelyn's currently waiting for adopting through the West Michigan Humane Society.  She was recently put into a foster home while she waits for her forever family, and her foster family tells West Michigan Humane Society, which they posted on their Facebook page, nothing but good stuff about this lovebug:

Gracelyn is such a good dog. She is fairly energetic and very affectionate! While we are at work, she is able to be left alone for 8 hours, no issues with accidents or anything chewed. During the day, she takes naps and plays with her chew toys. In the evening, we'll play fetch and tug of war inside. She loves to cuddle and be a lap dog if you let her.


As you can see by the rest of the post, Gracelyn is a sweet, smart, loving dog.  It’s hard to believe she HASN’T been adopted yet. My guess is she wasn’t herself in the shelter, but is once again showing her true self.  Which is also a great time to say, if you love dogs and can foster one or two, it really does help them get adopted faster and I know the shelter would love to have your help!

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