​You know when you're out and about, traveling around The Mitten and you have a SUDDEN AND FEROCIOUS CRAVING FOR A POT PIE? No? That doesn't happen to you? Well. It does to me. Other things happen too, like anniversaries or birthdays and special occasions!

When you have a craving or an event, and you are looking for the perfect food, you need to check out Taste Of West Michigan on Facebook. Just post asking for the BEST burger near BLANK and you'll get a bunch of responses. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

The group is private, so you will have to wait a little bit for an admin to approve you once you click 'join'.  Here is a description of their page.

This is the Taste of West Michigan foodie group. Anyone can be a foodie - no special expertise required. Loving food and sharing your experiences with others is a big plus! Whether it's a restaurant, food truck, festival, grocery store or similar places, tell us about it.

There are already over 18,000 members on the Taste Of West Michigan Facebook Page, so there definitely won't be a lack of response when you ask for a recommendation.

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