This video is awesome, it's like the 80's meeting the Teens. Or, wait... what are we calling this decade again?

Not important. This video on the other hand, that's what's important.

No snow? No problem. This dude has is figured out by mountain his skis to his hoverboard. Retro meets future in this 80's ski movie inspired video.

Ever see a video and think to yourself, "(self), why didn't you think of that?" Yeah totally me and this video.

Well, but to pull this video off I would need a hoverboard, oh and the sweet outfit, I'd need skis too, and I would need the boots as well I suppose, a drone for those sweet aeral shots....

You know what, I'm glad he did it. I'd go have to go through so many chapters of bankruptcy to fund this video, that War and Peace would look a pamphlet on fighting.

Or something. I don't know how any of that actually works.


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