It's probably safe to assume that we have all heard Aesop's fable "The Tortoise and the Hare."  You know, the story of the rabbit racing the tortoise.  The rabbit gets all cocky and takes a nap near the finish line only to discover that the tortoise won the race when he awoke.

It's this classic tale of "Premature Celebration" that inspired us to come up with a list of 10 hilarious examples of this failure.  In the list you will enjoy poker players who celebrate before their hands are won, cyclists who crash while celebrating on the last lap, and football players who forget that the ball is still in play.

  • 1

    Women's X-Games Motocross Fail

  • 2

    Women's Snowboarding Olympic Fail

  • 3

    NFL Super Bowl XXVII Fail

  • 4

    High School Football Fail

  • 5

    "I don't even look at the turn and the river!" Fail

  • 6

    Chegada Ironman Brasil Almost Fail

  • 7

    Speed Rollerblader Fail

  • 8

    Cyclist Celebration Fail

  • 9

    Formula 1 Racing Fail

  • 10

    Woops, Theirs One More Lap Fail