Craigslist missed connections are always fun to browse through when you get a chance. All of these people who had chance encounters with another, and who now want to get to know them better (or hook up again, or whatever.)

This missed connection posted a few days ago on Grand Rapids' Craigslist is a little different, though. And kind of weird.

The post is titled "To My Wife's Boyfriend", and details a bit of a sordid affair. Turns out the wife is pregnant, husband isn't sure if it's his or not, but is more than happy to raise the baby as his own even if it's not.

You would think that that would be the end of it, right? That maybe he would issue a warning to the "boyfriend" to stay away from his wife and that would be that.


Husband then asks (politely) for the boyfriend to come back because he obviously makes his wife happy.

I'm still conflicted about how I feel about my wife with another man, but I really just want to make her happy. She deserves to be happy and who am I to say that she is not allowed to sleep with another man, that is sexist and interfering with her rights as a female.

Um... okay...

But, that's not even the weirdest part! Turns out that he'd maybe like to watch his pregnant wife and her boyfriend get it on next time...

Next time you come over, I am ok with watching, I think, even though you are bigger than I am, I am not used to hanging around with black people but I would love to get to know you a little better.

A) How does he know the dude is bigger than him? (Unless maybe he's talking about stature and not manhood and we're just reading it wrong?), and B) "I'm not used to hanging around with black people"?!? Uh... okay...

Check out the full post below.

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