Yes, Michigan is home to the best craft beer on the planet. We all know that. But even with Bell's having been at it-here-for over 35 years, this new Ale from Bell's might be the most Michigan-est beer, yet.

Obviously, the beer is made by Michiganders, but in addition, everything about it just screams Michigan. There's even "ope" in the graphics.

"No, Yeah" is a new year-round Golden Ale from Bell's. Bell's says it has an ABV of 4.5%, "No, Yeah is bright and fun inside and out. This lighter craft beer option is crisp and dry with a slightly sweet flavor profile. It is balanced, not overly bitter and will resonate with fans of lagers and those just looking for a really nice beer."

Craft beers can be a bit on the heavier side, so for folks who prefer something not so heavy, this addresses that.

But what about that name? South of the state line, it might be puzzling, but it shouldn't be here. And Bell's is having fun with that, saying "the name and packaging both play into Midwest politeness and memes that share in that culture. Phrases like "ope", " 'scuse me" and "let me sneak past ya" are all part of (this) offering."

In the announcement of "No, Yeah", Bell's even included a quick primer into our language. It's all very tongue-in-cheek:

Midwestern-ese explained

No, Yeah = Yes
Yeah, No = No
Yeah, No for sure = definitely
No yeah no = oh no you’re fine
yeah no yeah = I’m sorry, but unfortunately, the answer is yes
Ope, sorry = I’m just gonna sneak past ya and grab the ranch

No, Yeah starts shipping on Monday, and will be available at the Bell's General Store that day, too (January 18th).

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