EDIT:  Originally the story said he'd been returned 5 times. We received the following message from Jasmine West, President of Unleashed Love Pet Rescue:

"I did want to clarify that with Roo, he has not been returned 5x. He was adopted out and returned 2x.


Reason he has been in so many homes was due to being adopted 2x and being in foster homes in between.


He truly is a sweet boy and we know his forever family is out there and we totally appreciate all of your support."

The story below has been updated to reflect this. 

Original story:

Aww, I've come across another dog in West Michigan that I wish I could take home, but since I can't, I'm going to do the next best thing and share him with you, so you can maybe adopt him or help get him in a forever home.

His name is Roo, he's 10 months old,  and Unleashed Love Pet Rescue posted on their Facebook page that he had been returned again and now in the fifth home since he was born.  How sad i

They do say that he's not a bad dog, but does have guarding issues of his resources (I'm guessing food and maybe toys?) and should be in an adult-only home, but that's nothing horrible, I mean he's ONLY 10 months old and hasn't been in one place for too long if he's been in 5 different homes between two adoptions and his foster homes. So he just needs a stable place with some love and guidance.

We can find someone who needs Roo to snuggle up with, right?! I mean, look at that little face. Poor guy, he needs to know what love is... and I want him to know. SO, if you're interested in giving Roo his FURever home, you can fill out the application online, right now:  unleashedlovepetrescue.org

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