I don't know how you show your face online again after having the worst sports take EVER.

Almost Everyone Was Picking Ohio State To Beat Michigan

Even some Michigan based sports talk shows and sports writers had no faith in the Wolverines heading into Saturday's show down in Columbus. If you think about, most 'experts' had good reason, after all, Michigan would be playing without its Heisman Trophy candidate Blake Corum.

And to be fair, no one really expected sophomore quarterback J.J. McCarthy to rise to the occasion and start delivering bombs all over the field, sinking the Buckeyes like the Titanic.

But this guy was so adamant that McCarthy "sucked" and "his receivers are bad" and that the Wolverines could never beat the Buckeyes, that in retrospect, he seems like an idiot.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the WORST sports take of this millennium.

Take it away, Kevin...

Needless to say, the internet wasn't going to let Kevin go on with his life, and not beat him up badly for this.

Here were some of the bombs dropped on poor Kev:

"How do you like J.J. NOW?"


"This aged great."


"Nailed it. Great take."


"I love when people make ridiculous takes that come to bite them in the ass"


"You're high."


"It’s always the nerds that never sniffed a football field that have these god awful takes lmfaoooo"

Don't worry, Kevin, you're not alone. A LOT of so called sports experts are eating crow today, including writers for the Detroit Free Press, ALL of whom picked Ohio State.

And then there's THESE guys...


Go Blue!

Michigan's Jukeboxes




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