It's all true, but it's something only we can make fun of, nobody else can.

Yes,, we have crappy weather in Michigan. Mainly because it's cloudy most of the time, which supposedly isn't good for lawns.

We, who live here, are painfully aware of it, so I'm not sure why you're pointing it out is helpful to anyone.

In this study, the web site listed the 20 best cities and the 20 worst cities for 'ideal' weather in the United States. Guess where most of the Michigan cities finished. No surprise there, but define 'ideal', LawnStarter. I happen to prefer a little cloudiness to constant sunshine and high humidity.

And maybe I'm crazy, but it seems to me, lawns grow better here than they would in fricking Arizona, but what do I know?

Maybe growing up where there's crappy weather makes us a little heartier, a little more able to see through difficulties in life. Ever think of that? Didja? Probably not, you warm weather suck ups.

By the way, I wouldn't trade where I live to live in El Centro, California for all the tea in China. Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!

These Michigan cities are among the worst in the country for 'ideal' weather:

Muskegon -- their research found only one ideal day their in 2019. Really? It seems to me like most of the summer is pretty nice there. I've spent many a summer evening enjoying a nice breeze on the beach while knocking back a Drambouie or two. What the hell are they comparing it too? Fiji?

Lansing -- zero ideal days. I concur, Lansing sucks.

Saginaw -- ditto.

South Lyon -- it's a weird Detroit suburb that nobody likes

Ann Arbor -- Clearly, they've never been to the Big House on a prefect fall afternoon.

Grand Rapids!!! According to LawnStarter: The last city on our bottom 20 list had two recorded days of ideal weather in our data. Wind speeds average out at 7.9 mph, and cloud cover sits at 56%.

You know what, screw this study. Any web site that believes summer in Mesa, AZ, where it hits 110 every day is better than summer in GR can suck it!







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