We all have bad days, when we don't want to get up or when things go painfully south at work. But the latest American running hero has words of advice for you.

Des Linden trains in Michigan, and she has admitted that her experience running in bad weather helped when she became the first American woman to win the Boston marathon in 33 years this week.

She also admitted there were times on Monday that she wanted to quit, beat up by the 40 mph headwinds and stinging rain. But she didn't.

Taking it one mile at a time, she battled back into contention and won the title on a day when most elite runners gave up and went home.

Perusing her Twitter feed, I came across this quote which struck a chord with me.

It reminded so much of my late father, who dispensed advice like a machine when I was a kid.

"The best way to achieve something in life is just showing up," my Dad once told me. "That's 90 percent of success."

I'd always adhered to that. And so far, it's worked for me.

Now if only I had listened to him when he told me not to do drugs...


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