There are always nuts out there predicting the end of the world. Wait, should that be "THE END OF THE WORLD"?

If you have big plans with the significant other for Saturday, maybe you should move them to Friday night. And make sure it's a "happy ending" date. It'll be the last time you get some...what with the world blowing up, and all. The video above is this guy's proof.

Meade says that "Nibiru" is coming to earth, and a "major part of the earth will not be the same". It's something in the bible, apparently. Because Jesus was 33, and we're 33 days past the eclipse, and certain constellations are doing sexy-time things with other constellations that represent the devil or something, this is his proof that this is the END OF DAYS.

Oddly, this guys isn't available for interviews until next week, so maybe he's not super confident in his math skills.

See you next week!

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