Kenowa Hills Schools were closed Friday following a threat from a 14-year-old student.

Wood TV 8 reports that the middle school student had gotten into a fight on the bus on Thursday and then threatened to "go to school and shoot it up.”

Police were not able to locate the student Friday morning.

As a precaution, school officials canceled all classes in the district on Friday.

High School Principal Brett Zuver told Wood TV 8:

"That’s the hard thing, you never know. Better safe than sorry every single time. We would hate to not act on something, and have something actually happen. I think it’s great we’ve taken these measures and these steps, and our students and staff security is first and foremost."

The name of the suspect has not been released.

The student was eventually located and has been taken to the Kent County Juvenile Detention Center.

School officials posted a notice to Facebook Friday morning.

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