We take a lot of what we have here in Grand Rapids for granted sometimes, but national publications have their eye on us, and they love what they're seeing.

National listicle champion BuzzFeed recently compiled a list of '11 Spots In Michigan That Will Give Your Imagination A Workout', and GR was well represented, as was Detroit and Lansing.

The three GR landmarks landing on the list were the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art (Or UICA, pronounced WY-ka) which may be the most underrated art stop in the city. They always have uniquely curated shows and have the only art house movie theater in the county.

BuzzFeed was impressed, ranking them number one on their list, calling UICA:

A cultural hub devoted to the visual arts, film, music, and dance that will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year.

Also making the list, the Frederick Meijer Gardens, at number two:

A 158-acre botanical garden and outdoor sculpture park perfect for snapping pictures.

Sure, that's one way to describe it, but it fails to take into account the feeling of how small you are compared to the giant horse sculpture we've all posed under.

Oh yeah, and it's one of the best summer concert venues in the state as well, just so you know.

Courtesy Meijer Gardens
Courtesy Meijer Gardens

The Grand Rapids Art Museum clocked in at number nine, with BuzzFeed impressed by the GRAM's outreach:

With a mission to connect people through art, creativity, and design, this art museum offers a large range of collections that span from Renaissance to modern art.

Matt Milhouse/Townsquare Media
Matt Milhouse/Townsquare Media

It was an interesting list, and I wish it could have included some of the great murals we have in our city.

And who knew there was a National Museum for the Tuskegee Airmen in Michigan?

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