I don't know where this guy found audio of me on the air on 104.5 Sunny FM in 1992, and I certainly don't understand why he posted it to YouTube, but I found it, and now I can share it with you and we can both be embarassed together.

Yes, I was on the air on 104.5 WSNX back when it was primarily a Lakeshore station with studios in Muskegon Heights, next to the Getty 4 drive in theater.

When I first started working there, I did the evening show from  7-midnight, and then afternoons. Eventually, I did the morning drive show and called it 'Jojo and the Lo-Budget Radio Show', it aired from 1989-1994. It was a good time to be on the radio in West Michigan, as we had a huge following, especially in the summer months when we could be heard on all the beaches in West Michigan.

It was owned by Goodrich Broadcasting, which was a subsidiary of the Goodrich Movie Theater chain that owned many theaters in the Grand Rapids area, namely the old Studio 28 multiplex.

I worked with some great people, two of whom you can hear on this audio, my old producer Ron Buckner (Ron The Radio Slave), who lives in Rockford now, and Caroline McNabb, who lives in California.


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