Forget the snow, two houses are hoping for some thunder this Christmas.

Every year a few select rock fans will go through all the trouble of decking not just the halls, but the whole freakin' house and yard, ensuring their festive spirit can be seen by any plane and its awestruck passengers flying overhead. For those on the street, if you set your radio dial to the right channel, you'll find that one song has been synced up to the amazing light display. Such is the case for the videos at the top and bottom of the page as they rock around the Christmas tree with some AC/DC.

In the first video (top), the house looks more like a miniature display with its winter wonderland scene — how about that garage decal? With lit trees lining the driveway, bedazzled arcs of a car port, Santa and his reindeer taking flight off the roof... it's just sensational. The real treat comes in when the "Thunder!" chants begin and we realize that just about every stitch of the house is blanketed in lights as the illumination spikes in time with the song's booming accents.

Below, the side of a house features a guitar playing, singing snowman, driving home the theme of this year's holiday decorations. Various lighting fixtures in the windows and on the lawn reveal their colors, blinking in and out alongside the iconic lead of "Thunderstruck."

AC/DC may have declared that "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution," but this year it's definitely light pollution.

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