As the Tigers get ready to open the 2019 season tomorrow in Toronto, their home field just got publicly bashed. (an offshoot of Forbes magazine) ranked all 30 Major League parks, and the Tigers' Comerica Park fell into the bottom half, ranking at number 16 overall.

Comerica Park will NEVER be Tiger Stadium, that much is true, but is it one of the worst ballparks in the Major Leagues?

The ballparks were ranked by overall feel, design, amenities and the view from the seats.

According to the site, Comerica fails on many levels:

Comerica Park has tried to model itself on the great cathedrals of baseball but lacks their character and well-thought-out design.

The seats are on the small side, and over 90% of them are exposed to the elements. Overall, Comerica is very average when it comes to MLB ballparks. "It was 'plain vanilla' to me and nothing really stood out," writes one fan on Yelp.

While I hate to agree with this assessment because going to a Tiger game has always been a special experience for me, they're kind of spot on.

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